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Getting Sapphire Package

  • Alcohol Consultation
    Getting Alcohol Consultation

    Getting Tipsy, will do a free alcohol consultation based on your alcohol budget needs. We will go over all the following details:

    • Signature Drinks for the event
    • About Getting Tipsy's Sapphire Package
    • Alcohol Budget for the Sapphire Package
    • Our mixologist will create a alcohol spreadsheet based on your signature drink's creation

  • Photography by Tuan Dang.
    Getting Sapphire Setup

    Getting Tipsy, will provide you with all your open bar needs to turn your special event into the most enjoyable experience. The Sapphire setup includes the following:

    • One Bar Setup
    • One Backend Table
    • Table Cloths
    • Condiment Tray including condiments
    • Alcohol Mixes
    • Eco-Friendly Clear Cups
    • Mixology Equipments (shakers, strainer, pour spouts, bar mats, etc.)

  • Photography by Jason Wu.
    Getting Sapphire Staffs

    The Sapphire Package is a "sapphiric choice" for any type of event from 100 to 400 guests. Getting Tipsy will provide the following for the Sapphire Package:

    • Two Mixologists
    • One Server
    • Licensed Mixologists
    • Alcohol Liquor Liability Insurance
    • TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) Customer Service Certification

  • Sapphire Guest Capacity

    The Sapphire Package requires 100 to 400 guests for this event package.

  • $747
    Getting Sapphiric Pricing

    • Three hours minimum when booking.
    • $249 per hour.
    • Initial Deposit Cost: $249 [Initial Deposit is the first hour of the price].

  • Extra Hours PKG2
    $249 (Optional Add-on)
    Getting Extra Tipsy Hours

    Feel free to get extra tipsy hours added on to your package.

    • Adding every additional Sapphire Hour will be $249 each.