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About Getting Tipsy

Our company was established in 2010. We started the company with only one vision: Mixed drinks crafted must be serve with class and be transcending in quality.

We embrace and pursue the Art of Mixology. To us, mixology is not just about combining ingredients to create a drink, as that would be too dull. We create each drink with special meanings behind it. Whether it be your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just an occasion to celebrate, we make sure that the special drinks we present to you will be memorable of your special day.

We endorse the hospitality nature of our business and pass on the positivity throughout our company, so you can rest assured that you and your guests will receive the utmost respects and customer services from us. Our clients know that when they choose Getting Tipsy, they are choosing the highest quality of mixology service.

With quality, precision, presentation, and services as our core foundations, Getting Tipsy strives for the best and set the bar for higher standards in the industry.